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It is not just an opera, it is an event! Praise is due to Mai Israeli for her vocal and dramatic charisma in the role of Lima, and Bavat Marom, too, in the role of the grandmother, provides the impressive qualities of the experiences of the horrors… The story, music and direction are palpitating in their force and perpetuate not only the Holocaust, but also the great talent of the creators of this opera. Through the musical writing, the challenging Hebrew language came out comprehensibly sung.

The roles are molded with emotional conviction: Bavat Marom in the role of the grandmother, Claire Meghnagi as her granddaughter, Mai Iisraeli as Lima, the Moran Ensemble Choir of Choirs, Alexei Kanunikof as the priest, and especially Einat Aronstein, the girl in the pit with her so expressive face and body… in a nutshell, beautiful.

Each character and scene is blended into a texture of exceptional quality, like links in a complete and continuous musical chain. From time to time there emerge familiar Jewish motives from within the orchestra but without crossing the border into sentimentality. The young conductor, Ori Leshman, and veteran director Oded Kotler, for whom this is his first essay in directing an opera, create a single theatrical and musical experience… The beautiful sets designed by Adrian Vaux, who also designed the costumes… the lighting sensitively designed by Keren Granek in complete accord with the entire work.

The soloists provided several most impressive performances… characters with a strong stage presence… It is to the credit of everyone involved in the performance of this unique opera that they have not neglected the minutiae, but have turned the whole into a very live organism. Community Contact Media.

The music was composed by Israeli comopser Ella Milch-Sheriff. This novel dealing with the horrors of the Holocaust and the influence of this harrowing chapter of human history was highly praised for its courage in employing original and unconventional literary devices.

This is the story of a nameless five-year-old girl, as told to her granddaughter years later. But Father Stanislaw hides the Jewish child in his church and risks his life in healing her wounded body and broken soul.


And The Rat Laughed: Remembering Writer Nava Semel

Sixty years later, already a grandmother in Tel Aviv, she tries to recount her horrifying childhood to her teenage granddaughter who is preparing a school paper. Memory, buried in the darkness for so long, demands its right to emerge. New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Asenath Barzani, from the Iraqi Kurdistan region, was the first known woman rabbi in Jewish history. Born in , she was the daughter of the eminent Rabbi Shmuel b. Netanel Ha-Levi of Kurdistan. Her father, a scholar and mystic with a large following, aimed to rectify the plight of his brethren, namely, the dearth of educated leaders.

He built a yeshiva in Mosul where he hoped to train young men who would become community leaders and scholars.

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Since he had no sons, he trained his daughter to be a learned scholar of the highest order. After Asenath's father died, her husband technically became the head of the Yeshiva, but in fact it was Asenath who taught the students who had come for rabbinic training. But she also wrote poetry in Hebrew and was famous for it.

The Holocaust Novel From Israel That America Can’t Handle – The Forward

Today we'll spotlight some of her poetry. New York: The Feminist Press, Kurdit by Reuven Yamin. Zarhin's hypnotic writing renders a painfully delicious vision of individual lives behind Israel's larger national story. The air is saturated with smells of cooking and passion. Young Shlomi, who develops a remarkable culinary talent, has fallen for Ella, the strange neighbor with suicidal tendencies; his little brother Hilik obsessively collects words in a notebook. In the wild, selfish but magical grown-up world that swirls around them, a mother with a poet's soul mourns the deaths of literary giants while her handsome husband cheats on her both at home and abroad.

Shemi Zarhin was born in Tiberias in , and is a novelist, film director, and screenwriter who has created some of the most critically acclaimed and award-winning films in the history of Israeli cinema, including Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi , Aviva My Love , and The World is Funny He now teaches filmmaking at the Sam Spiegel School in Jerusalem. Some Day is his first novel and was a best-seller in Israel. People are people.

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The content is daring and unusual—middle-aged, petit bourgeois families are not the usual protagonists of Israeli literature, but Pinkus, who is also a graphic artist known for his humor, delivers a strangely compelling story. Text: Petty Business by Yirmi Pinkus. Translated by Evan Fallenberg and Yardenne Greenspan. Syracuse University Press, Translated by Jessica Cohen. Other Press, March This past Saturday night, we celebrated the holiday of Shavuot. Jmal is from Jatt in northern Israel and she writes about preparing a Ramadan meal with her mother, the shopping for which they must travel through a checkpoint.

The Talmud is the main book of rabbinic teachings spanning about years. It is the basis for all codes of Jewish law. The narrative that Grossman records are the words of Aouni Sbeit. Text: David Grossman, Sleeping on a Wire. Conversations with Palestinians in Israel.

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  • Turbo News #44 (Winter 2001-2002);
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Translated by Haim Watzman. Ferrar, Strauss and Giroux. Translated by Nicholas De Lange. Harcourt, Inc.

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