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FTPGetter Professional 5. Queen Hynde 3. Queen Hynde by James A young Scottish queen must rule, and Published in , Golden Earth remains one of the most timeless guides to Burma. It is classic Lewis, crammed with incident, humour, observation and detail. Both Golden Earth and its immediate predecessor, A Dragon Apparent , based on his travels in Indochina, are much more than very fine examples of twentieth-century travel literature.

This is profoundly civilized writing in defence of ancient civilizations under imminent threat. Vila-Matas is a brilliantly playful writer, an ironist himself, who toys with the parameters between reality and fiction and most usually elides them. His narrators are generally men a little like Vila-Matas himself; his novels discuss real and unreal authors with equal earnestness and the overall effect is both funny and poignant. For are we all not slightly unreal, or on the cusp of unreality, at any given moment, or if we feel fairly real this morning then might we not be unreal tomorrow, or in the near future?

This unlikely clergyman turned out to be an ideal biographical subject. But it took Pearson seven difficult years to find him and then write The Smith of Smiths. It was published in when he was in his early forties. He had discovered an occupation that would absorb him for the remaining thirty years of his life.


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It reads in places like an anthology of wit, but its true merit lies in the congenial atmosphere Pearson created and the perfect way in which he and his subject were attuned. Sydney Smith was a happy man and Pearson was to write a happy book. Certainly it turned out to be his most durable work.

Wells, which is all the wrong way round. I wanted some fictional feminists in my life. But the Seventies feminists were so bleak. And post-feminists were so muddled. I wanted inspiration. I wanted clarity.

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I thought about the suffragettes. There is a greater accretion of literary anecdote attached to the old John Murray premises at No. The bridge now stands in Lake Havasu City. Initially it was the title that grabbed me. But from the opening page, with its clipping from a real newspaper report about a class of schoolchildren trying to recreate the first Thanksgiving feast on a Californian surfing beach, I was entranced.

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The majority of the book is Bell being introduced to a task, doing it badly, and getting better. What makes Corduroy such an enjoyable book is the way he writes about the experience. He is never patronizing about the labourers, and nor does he idolize them with the eye of a Romantic poet. Four years and 2, waterway miles later, the project was finished and the four books quickly became the standard waterway guides, still in print over forty years later.

How, I wondered, could a town possibly be like a person? And though I have now read it half a dozen times, and come to love its combination of far-flung romance, desperate endurance and old-fashioned stoicism, there remains a conundrum at the heart of it which continues to tantalize me, like a stubborn morsel of crabmeat wedged in the corner of a claw.

Suggested routes around Greece accompany essays on language, government, character, soil, the justice system, the economy, history, architecture, religion, plus tips on how and when to go. GFB was determined that it should be enjoyed as much beside the fire at home as it was on the road.

Decades ago wits, poets and dukes Circled like planets round Gloria Jukes, Bluestocking, tuft-hunter, grande amoureuse — Was ever a salon brilliant as hers? In the summer of , the author Olivia Manning reread the transcript of a BBC radio talk she had given eleven years earlier about her arrival in Cairo in with her husband, Reggie Smith.

Although she was not well, it inspired her to follow her Balkan trilogy see SF no.

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The task took five years and by the time it was finished Manning had only months to live. She died in July , aged Joan Aiken was the daughter of the American poet laureate Conrad Aiken and the Canadian writer Jessie MacDonald, and two of her siblings also wrote books, so writing clearly ran in the family. From her pen came a raft of books, including a handful of Jane Austen sequels, period romances, supernatural short stories and most things in between.

What I want to write about here though is her sequence of eleven novels for children that began with The Wolves of Willoughby Chase in — page-turning adventure stories, set in a mostly historical past, with a sprinkling of the paranormal and a bucketful of brilliant characters. Over the years it has become my battered treasure, all creased corners and cracked spine, highlighted and annotated, lent to friends and quickly sought back.

Callow takes us into a singular world where the emotions and anxieties of ordinary life are exposed, examined and amplified. He offers insight into what it is to be an actor and, I would say, what it is to be human. White —64 was clearly a strange fellow, which should be evident to anyone who has read his books.

He even translated a medieval bestiary. I met the novelist Ruth Adler thirty years ago. She was then in her eighties, an elegant, quietly spoken but forthright woman. For a while she had been, as my husband put it, one of his many mothers. For much of his childhood during the Second World War and in the years that followed, while his own mother was working after her divorce, Raphael was parked on relatives or close friends. All of them, like Ruth Adler — the pen name of Ray Waterman — were members of the British Communist Party, the majority having joined in the s.

So he generally found himself in cheerless, spartan rooms strewn with a few utilitarian items, table and chairs piled up with pamphlets, as if awaiting a committee meeting. Soft furnishings, pottery, paintings and, above all, the feeling of a home. The essayist lived there in the first half of the nineteenth century. Lamb was born in and in began thirty-three years of tedious work as a clerk at the East India Company counting-house.

Over the length of his adult life he lived — on and off — with his sister Mary. I first came to it as an undergraduate, courtesy of the LPs lent me by my tutorial partner. The Oxford Book of Literary Anecdotes , edited by the late James Sutherland and first published in , is an honourable exception. It would be quite a while before she was able to live out this conviction — when her first novel was published she was in her early thirties — but in the fullness of time Rose Tremain was to become one of the most prolific and best-loved novelists of her generation.

At boarding school in the late Sixties we had as our English teacher a Miss J.

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But I went off for the long summer holiday and took her advice; I have my Penguin copy fifty years later, and the cover illustration of a young girl wearing an anguished expression still takes me back to those inevitably anguished years. First we got a fridge. Farewell mesh-doored meat safe, farewell flecks of curdled milk floating in your tea. The second thing that happened was Fanny Cradock. This was a brief love affair — my mum later transferred her culinary trust and affection to Delia Smith — but while it lasted its impact was astonishing.

The great wave of Romanticism that swept over Scottish literature from the mid-Victorian era onwards was always going to have its answering cry. This tendency was particularly marked among the group of twentieth-century writers who had grown up in its paralysing shadow.

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You are without doubt the purveyors of the most outstanding literary magazine available. I prostrate myself before you and bow to the literary magic that you weave. May it long continue. These books are superbly produced so elegant to look at and to hold. You read a book, laugh a lot, recommend it to your friends. Why is a sense of humour so individual and at the same time so culturally specific? There are many kinds of humour and life would be intolerable without it, but as society changes, so humour changes too.

We still weep at old Greek tragedies — but laugh at old Greek comedies?