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Build a busy-box Create a box of activities or games that are to only be used when you are doing something that needs your attention like working at your desk or speaking with another adult. Add new items once in a while or have a few boxes you can rotate from time to time. Be firm about putting them away when you are done.

Your child will be look forward to your next conversation which will be interruption free! You respond by squeezing her hand which indicates that you know she needs your attention and you will be with her in a minute. Be proactive Let your child know what to expect before someone comes over or you make a phone call.

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The No-Cry Solution Books. Visit Elizabeth's profile on Pinterest. Scheduling your email processing time will allow you to avoid being distracted by incoming messages, while also making sure you have enough time to take care of all of them. It is still workday on the East Coast and it is the time when people come back to work after lunch on the West Coast so I find it to be the best of both worlds. Re-record your voice-mail to reflect your schedule. I am sorry I missed your call. I accept and return calls every day around 4 PM so please call back them or leave a message and I will get back to you around that time.

Keep important information at hand

Feel free to also send me an email. If you have a land-line, disconnect it. This way all your calls go directly to voice-mail. If you are using a VoIP such as Vonage you can set it up to accept calls during a specific time of the day and send all others to voice-mail. Not all interruptions come from your inbox or phone.

But most of them will come from an electronic device of some sort. This includes cell phones, smart phones, tablets, additional laptops and portable devices of any kind.

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Put everything on silent, turn them off if you have to. If you need the internet for your work, disconnect from Skype or any chat program. Close your browser. If you need a browser, keep only a tab or two open and make sure to exit all social media sites. The cost of each little beep and ping can be as high as 21 minutes so eliminate as many as possible by creating a distraction-free working environment.

Tell them to think of you as a heart surgeon performing an open-heart operation or a pilot landing a plane with people on board. Here are a few practical suggestions. You have scheduled all notification-type distractions. You have hidden out of sight all electronic devices.

Managing Interruptions 10-17

Everyone around you knows how you work and have promised to respect your DND sign. You cannot control your entire environment all the time. But you are in absolute control of how you deal with distractions when they come your way.

Myth of multitasking

It also forces the other side to try to calculate the time needed and commit to some sort of a mini deadline. If you try to ignore it, it might repeat itself. Eliminate the source without actually consuming the information. You are writing a blog post about how to handle disruptions and you feel a little thirsty so your mind start thinking about getting some water or maybe making some tea, after all it is cold outside, yeah, it is kind of chilly, maybe you should also get some extra clothing while you are up for water… which takes your focus in a completely different direction.

When random thoughts come your way, acknowledge them and externalize them. Write them quickly on a piece of paper and put it away. You cannot ignore them so you have to deal with them.

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Working Smarter

Writing down your random, focus-interrupting, thoughts will help you deal with them faster so you can focus on the task at hand. When the moment comes and you need to break your attention away completely so you can deal with an emergency, make sure to mark your progress so you can get back in the groove as fast as possible. Life is not that easy and predictable. Save your work because it might not be there when you come back 2 minutes later.

Interruptions are here to stay. Sometimes they will come from external sources such as your phone and your computer or the human world around you. Sometimes they will come from inside your own head. The important thing is they will come so you need to be prepared. Have a plan of action.

1. Retreat to private workspaces.

Deal with them in the most efficient manner and get back to your work. You control them, not the other way around. How do you deal with interruptions when they inevitably happen?

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Share in the comment section below:. I came to your site based on the title of this article hoping to find a useful way of dealing with a pointless meeting that lasted almost an hour longer than it needed to be. I barely made it through the second sentence and I was already bombarded with another distraction by your jumper to subscribe to your email list. After I cleared this so I could read on I had barely made it through the following sentence when I was hit with a pop-up further insisting on your email list. Neither further interested me in anymore of your other articles but fully distracted me as to why I had even come to your site in the first place.

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