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Extracting his fingers, he lined up the head of his cock and pushed in so slowly that his body began to shake. Already he could feel the electricity zipping along his spine and the tightening of his sac. Thrusting his hips gently, he made love to the one man that had ever meant anything to him. His heart swelled until he thought it would explode, and everything faded away except the man beneath him. The rhythm never increased, never picked up in tempo, but the intensity skyrocketed until Flynn thought his entire body would explode when he finally reached his climax.

Then Boston released his face and turned his head to the side, baring his neck in the sweetest, most submissive gesture that Flynn had ever witnessed. Make me yours. When Boston only moaned and clutched at his shoulders, Flynn pushed his canines through the smooth skin as gently as possible. Continuing to thrust into his mate, Flynn pulled his canines free and licked over the small wound. Finally, Boston was his. The small bite of pain he felt when Boston bit into his shoulder quickly subsided, leaving nothing but an intense pleasure that he could feel right down to his soul.

The look on his face was the most beautiful thing Flynn had ever seen, and he vowed to see that look again and again in the years to come.

I never stopped. Flynn was definitely proud of his mate. I mean, how can I?

I barely know him. But I can see myself falling so easily. I just needed to pull my head out of my ass. Should we go talk to him now? But I want to talk to him as soon as he wakes up. I missed you.

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He pretended to sleep well past the time the sun had set. He went to bed early. He always made sure they were surrounded by pack members. It was fucking exhausting. Malakai flew off his bed and jumped from foot to foot. Yes, that was a good plan. It always worked before.

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He sounded totally exasperated. Malakai whimpered at the contact—partly from pleasure, and partly because every part of his body hurt like the ten shades of hell. What the hell is going on?

Why are you hiding from me when you obviously need me and Flynn? Sweet baby Jesus, the man smelled like heaven. He was so thirsty.

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He whimpered again. Just take what you need. His muscles were tense, though, and Malakai could practically feel the anxiety rolling off him. Snapping himself out of it, he jerked away so violently that he almost ended up on the floor. Luckily, his mate caught him, holding him firmly in his lap. Malakai seriously doubted it. I can tell how uncomfortable you are. Is that going to stop me from doing the right thing?

Series: The Moonlight Breed

Shut the fuck up. You need to feed. And you know what? I have been one seriously shitty mate to you, but that stops now. Every part of him screamed that this would end badly, but he was so damn thirsty, and he just wanted the pain to stop. Instead of being jealous or hurt, the sight filled him with so much joy that tears sprang to his eyes. Flynn is a good Endless Midnight 81 mate. It was only then that Malakai felt the damp denim grinding against his ass. Thank you, Malakai. I think we should hold off on that. Add to the fact that I was so damn thirsty, and all I could think about was groping and biting every inch of you I could reach.

I think I just proved that I accept you for everything that you are. Just for a little while, okay? You can always take your sexual frustrations out on Flynn. He cleared his throat and smiled again. There were too many distractions, too many interruptions in the house. He wanted a chance to get to know Malakai and relearn about Flynn without prying eyes and ears. The place he was taking them still held bad memories, but he was hoping to change that. With any luck, they could make new memories and turn it into a special place for just them.

I love the way you look. Maybe you could help me find something on your next night off. Boston tried not to groan, determined to keep his promise, but damn, the man was gorgeous. His pale skin almost glowed in the moonlight as it stretched tight across his lean muscles.

senrei-exorcism.com/images/cellphone/cellphone-monitoring-software-reviews-galaxy-a7.php He almost choked before he burst into laughter. Flynn was completely naked, flexing his muscles and making the most ridiculous faces. Then he lifted his arms and curled his hands inward in a classic muscleman pose before kissing each of his bulging biceps. The man had a hand over his mouth, his eyes dancing with mirth as he watched Flynn act a fool. Then the giggles flowed into a chuckle and soon Malakai was clutching his ribs as he howled in laughter.

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